The Gloria herbs company is an advanced company which develops and manufactures various health products and nutritional herbal medicine. Gloria herbs company was built up by Dr.Benny Fan who was a very famous doctor in Australia, his name is well known by the world, his patients include many Australia and Hollywood movie stars and world sport champions, he has accepted the interview by Australia national channel(ABC) to talk about the Chinese herbal medicines how to anti -cancer and anti-diabete and broadcasted in “7:30 report”, China official news interviewed Dr. Benny Fan and his patients many times and broadcasted to the world. His miracle medical stories have reported by many medias. “Pain and Arthritis liniment”was created by Dr. Benny Fan who base on his secret formula and use in clinical trial for more than 20 years. Its effects was not only release pain symptoms but also treat any kinds of sport injury. This liniment is spead?slight natural herbs smell and deep work throught in the deep ligniments, it is the best herbal liniment in the world. The best anti-aging productes of “Gloria Bio-Collagen Plus””Gloria Angel’s” produced by Gloria herbs company, they help lot’s of customers for many years, many of Hollywood and Australia movie stars used them to maintain their energy,beauty and health. The lab expriment proved these products can help people to look younger, improved immune system, regulate hormones and longer life!

The program of Netflix about Dr. Benny’s Chinese medicine & acupuncture世界最著名电视美国Netflix采访方博士的报道:

Dr. Benny Fan donated his anti-aging products to the movie “8086” and reported by China official TV Channel movie
director “Peter Schink” came from Hollywood.


Gloria Bio-Collagen Plus(胶原蛋白宫廷回春丹)                     A$250(Not A$320, PROMOTION OF THIS MONTH 本月特价)

This great anti-aging is based on imperial formula combined with collagen and vitamins processing by bio- own great effect to keep you looking younger, beauty and stronger and longer life!
Gloria Bio-Collagen Plus contains largeamounts of amino acetic acid which not only assists in the production of collagen and also calms the central nerve system and beneficial to anxiety and neurasthenia.gloria bio-collagen plus prevents the clotting of proteins as a result of stomach acids thus improving digestion system functioning, and stomach ulcer healing.gynaecological diseases are caused by hormonal imbalance,Gloria bio-collagen plus is beneficial for gynaecological diseases and provides sufficient collagen intake for women going through menopause and elevates menopause is great for weight loss and keeping fit, prevent fpr osteoporosis, relieve anxiety, balance sugar levels, anti-high cholesterol.
Gloria Bio-Collagen Plus reduces skin hyperpigmentation,improvesthe appearance of freckles and pigmentation, whitens the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines as a result of skin aging. The rate of loss of collagen increases with age, resulting in the collapse of collagen peptide bonds which support skin layer, therefore skin becomes dry, wrinkle prone and loses elasticity.The skin appears dull and damaged as a result of that. Therefore, Gloria Bio-Collagen Plus is prolonged aging essential for women.
Dosage: Adult take 1 capsule, twice daily. It is suitable for male and female.
    Main Ingredients:
Aloe vera leaf
    Lycium barbarum fruit
    Ascorbic acid Effects on: 1,PROMOTE an improved immune system,regulate hormone, reduce the physical appearance of ageing & aid in prevention of osteoporosis.
2, BONE Growth, to release joint pain and relieve arthritis. 3, INCREASE the absorption of iron, calcium and folic acid, prevent high cholesterol. and coronary heart disease.
4, REDUCE and relieve anxiety and menopause symptoms. 5, IMPROVE digestion and balance sugar levels. 6, VISIBLY reduce wrinkles to appear younger and have a brighter complexion.

象,所以,胶原蛋白宫廷回春丹是男女延衰的必需品。胶原蛋白宫廷回春丹还有补益肝肾,强心健脑,延年益寿的作用,是补品中的圣药,多年来为好莱坞明星使 用,口碑载道,造福社会。
Gloria collagen plus’s introduction and lab-report

Dr.Benny Fan’s—Gloria Angel’s(康丽天使)                A$250(Not A$320, PROMOTION OF THIS MONTH 本月特价)

This special anti-aging product came from the imperial formula which has used from ancient times, which combined with vitamins and process by can help you looking younger, stronger and healthy longer life. One of ingredient called sheep placenta is rich in nutrients – There are four different stem cells found in the placenta and umbilical cord tissue of mammals, many with markers similar to those found in embryonic stem cells, which have been credited with helping address disease by repairing damaged cells in the body. Gloria Angel’s has been shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and reduce skin sagging by adding skin-quenching hydration. In addition to stem cells,Gloria Angel’s also contains a protein that is believed to help stimulate collagen and elastin production, making skin look firmer and younger. Even as they help hydrate skin, Gloria Angel’s may also help regulate the production of the natural oils found in skin, reducing the size of pores and helping control acne outbreaks. The stem cells also enhance the renewal process of skin, speeding cell turnover and reducing the appearance of scars. Gloria Angel’s can regulate the menstrual cycle, Women with irregular periods may find their cycle corrects itself with the addition of ovine placenta as a nutritional supplement, Gloria Angel’s can strengthen ovine function.and improve sexual satisfaction.
Gloria Angel’s supply huge energy to help people in their life! Dosage: Adult take 1 capsule, twice daily. It is suitable for male and female.
    Main Ingredients:
Sheep placenta power
    Ascorbic acid     Lycium barbarum fruit Ext. 康丽天使——美丽活力的源泉 来自宫廷秘方的养颜抗衰老古方结合维生素等,经生化科技合成的强效抗衰老产品,使您拥有年轻的面貌,动人的体态,消皱纹,去眼袋。精力充沛,性能强健,延年益寿。并有天然“伟哥”的美称。对改善女性性冷淡也拥有满意的效果。
Gloria Angel’s’s introduction and lab-report


Dr. BENNY FAN’s Series – Gloria Pain and Arthritis Tablet(大力筋骨片)
A$170 (Not A$199.95,PROMOTION OF THIS MONTH 本月特价)

basic of imperial formula combining with bio techonology to creat the best effects for pain and arthritis. Treat for any degenerative disseases.
The Gloria Pain And Arthritis Tablet has a same effect as Meloxicam does, which is the most powerful western medicine for Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis, but the GPAT does not have drug side effect (e.g. cause reducing of Red blood cells and thrombocytopenia, nausea and vomiting, flatulence, etc. and only allowed to use for five days each time in Australian Hospital).

Active Ingredient:  
Chondroitin sulfate, Gllycyrrhiza glabra (Licorice)root & stolen Ext., Panax notoginseng (Notoginseng) root & rhizome Ext., Paeonia lactiflora root Ext., Lonicera japonica(Honeysuckle Japanese) flower bud Ext., Achyranthes bidentata P.E.5:1 (Achyranthes bidentata) root Ext., Corydalis ambigua rhizome(corydalis) Ext. etc.        

Dosage:take 2 tablets daily




Dr. BENNY FAN’s Series – Gloria Herbs—Liver detox(护肝降脂片)
A$170(Not A$199.95,PROMOTION OF THIS MONTH 本月特价)

For improve Hyperlipemia and liver protection and diabetic people. Certificated by Therapeutic Goods Administration(TGA)   Produced by GMP Pharmaceutic

 Active ingredients:

Silybum marianum(Silymarin)Fruit Ext.

Lycium barbarum fruit Ext.

Artemisia absinthum leaf Ext.

Gymnema sylvestre leaf Ext.

Polygonum cuspidatum root Ext.

 Effect in:

Helps maintain healthy digestive function for liver disease and decrease high sugar level.

Improve and maintain liver function, especially those drink alcohol.

Healthy liver and kidney.

Suitable for hycholesterol, diabetes, high triglyceride, acne, relieve body toxic.

Suitable for long term maintain.


Taking 2 tablets daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional.





Gloria’s-Spray(保湿抗皱喷剂)             A$60/bottle(Not A$80,promotion of this month本月特价)




Gloria Eyes Bright(视力宝)            A$230/bottle(Not A$280 promotion of this month 本月特价)


Gloria herbal skin cream(康丽神效皮肤霜)

Gloria herbal skin cream(康丽神效皮肤霜) $70/bottle (Not $90/bottle, PROMOTION OF THIS MONTH 本月特价), postage $14 in Australia. 3 bottles are free postage.

External use only

100% pure herbal ingredients,pecially for skin itchy, eczema,skin allergy,tinea,skin rush, insect bites, and normal skin maintain.




After cleansing, apply adequate amount the affected area as often as required. 2-3times daily.

Main Ingredients:

Purified water, glycerin, glyceryl stearate citrate, sorbitol, cetearyl glucoside, cetearyl alcohol, dicaprylyl ether, euterpe, aleracea fruit oil, oleyl erucate, sodium hyaluronate, phenoxyethanol,cucrose polybehenate, sucrose palmitate,glyceryl linoleate , dent majority extract, sophora extract, phellodendri chinese cortex extract etc.


For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and mucosal areas. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.



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What is the difference between Gloria Bio-collagen Plus compared to other collagen
The Gloria Bio-Collagen Plus originated from the original Chinese imperial anti-aging formula, which was used in the Royal Palace for thousands of years. It is combined with 100% Australian purified collagen and vitamins. After the bio-technical process, it is triple times more effective than normal collagen products. It maintains your health internally( organs and immune system, for example: anti-diabetes,anti-hypertention,anti-anxiety, anti-chplesterol, and prevent cardio-vascular disease,menopause symptoms) and externally(looking much younger and healthy skin). The Gloria Bio-Collagen Plus offers more beneficial functions than other collagen products.



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