The outstanding representatives of the Chinese in Australia –Dr Benny’s Charity Function

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■ People’s reporter in Australia Li Jing Wei and Wu Danni

There is a special charity function held in Sydney’s Chinatown. The directors Edward Mason, Australian ENDEAVOUR Foundation, awarded Dr.Benny (Fangshan) the honor certificate. He also announced congratulatory letter from the Prime Minister Gillard. It praised the Chinese community in Australia working for ENDEAVOUR Foundation.

The ENDEAVOUR Foundation is one of Australia’s largest the disabled charity foundation. Since its inception in 1951, it has always been adhering to the aim of serving the best for the Disabled person. In order to be better to serve Disabled person, Dr.Benny keep helping for the ENDEAVOUR Foundation over years.  In the charity function, Dr.Benny had donated $ 10,000. And he promised that he would continue providing the required medicines and services for disabled people.

The Prime Minister Gillard was deeply touched by the contribution of Dr.Benny for the disabled. She said in the congratulatory letter that the history of the Chinese community in Australia is much longer than the ENDEAVOUR Foundation, which can be traced back to the 1820s. Nowadays, Chinese community has become one of the cornerstones of the successful development in the Australian Multicultural areas. It would be a bridge of cooperation to friend- the People’s Republic of China.

Gillard said: “I know the Chinese community has a proud heritage of philanthropy and support for charity, which strengthens the bonds that unite us as a society and expresses our shared values of fairness and opportunity for all. Therefore I extend my sincere thanks to Dr Fan and to the members of the Chinese community who have gathered tonight. I am inspired by your generosity and your spirit of concern for the needs of others.”

This successful charity function had the help of some movie stars in Hollywood and Australia.  Robert Manmone, one of actor in “The Matrix,” and “Dragon Pearl”. Richard Carter, the actor in upcoming Hollywood movie “The Great Gatsby”. Troy Planet, the actor in Hollywood movie “Eighty and Eighty-six” and Australian famous TV series “Underbelly”. Gabby Millgate, actress in movie “Murial’s Wedding”. John Howard, Australia’s famous movie stars. Anthony, the representative of Sydney Opera House.

?Robert said: “I have three sons. Unfortunately, the 11-year-old son is disabled. It is a huge challenge for a family with a Disabled child. Fortunately, the Disability Foundation provided a range of thoughtful help for my son from the life management to learning arrangements. I went to China to act in a movie three years ago. Traditional Chinese culture deepened my family values. You have nothing without a family. I am so grateful for everything the Disabled Foundation has done for the Disabled and Dr Benny’s dedication to the disabled.

Actor Richard Carter paid high attention to the contribution of Dr Benny to the charity. He said that Dr Benny was a very devoted and outstanding talent with caring and professional medical knowledge. He is the outstanding representatives of the Chinese in Australia.

Dr Benny is not only a well-known medical, but also a famous overseas kungfu master. His students is in everywhere of the World. In the function, Dr Benny and his Chinese and foreign disciples performed the exciting Shaolin Kungfu, internal Kungfu and martial arts.

At the end of the charity party, the host announced that the movie production company in Hollywood’s would invite Dr Benny to be the medical consultant and martial arts instruction. The company had directed the movie “Eighty and Eighty-six”.

(People’s Daily Sydney, December 1) (Editor: Yang Tiehu)

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