The Newsletter: messenger medicine in Australia dissemination Fangshan

Xinhua in Sydney, November 11, 2011 (Reporter BELGRADE newscaster Hu Meng) in Sydney, Australia, next to the most bustling George Street, there is a clinic, which is not very large, but very often you can see some of the famous movie stars in Australia and even the Hollywood of United States, who come to seek medical treatment and medicine advices.

The reason that this very prominent small clinic has been able to attract the patronage of many Western Movie and Sports stars is the clinic’s TCM practitioner Fangshan(Benny Fan). In the 1990s, he immigrated from mainland China to Australia, to promote and disseminate traditional Chinese medicine. For 20 years, he has made an outstanding contribution to the Chinese traditional culture to flourish in a foreign.

Australian TV actor Troy Planet told reporters: “years of excessive dringking lead me a very poor liver function, overweight, type II diabetes, and heart paroxysmal ventricular fibrillation. Those diseases almost killed me, while I was only 33 years old. Since I started to receive the treatment from Fangshan, for 12 years, I have never seen other doctors, both of my physical and mental conditions are better than ever. With Dr. Fang’s help, I have lost 60 kg successfully, my weight has recovered to the normal level, and the various diseases keep away from me. “

Planet said: “To be honest, for my first time to visit Chinese medicine clinics, I held a skeptical attitude to the efficacy of Chinese medicine, but now I am very grateful for Doctor Fang saving my life every ay.”

Be active in Hollywood in recent years, the famous Australian movie director Baz Luhrmann, who is reputable for directing “Moulin Rouge,” “Romeo and Juliet” and “Australia”. However, several years ago, when he come to Fangshan’s clinic because of his overwork and feebleness, he did not get any preferential treatment. To the opposite, Fangshan severely blamed him and said that he is living a unregulated life, and excessively overdrafting his own body. Fangshan set strict provisions that Baz must give up all kinds of pernicious life habit, and cooperate with the treatment; otherwise he will be on the verge of death. Baz, the famous director who always have a unique and strong personality, acted like a disobedient child and was quiet, when he was faced with the Chinese medicine practitioners; he really actively cooperate with treatment, quit smoking, drinking and staying up bad habits. As the body gradually recovered, Fangshan has been this famous director’s favorite Chinese medicine practitioners.

In the interview, the reporter also meet Australia’s famous film screenwriter who wrote film “Romeo and Juliet”, Craig Pearce. He came to visit Dr. Fang Shan regularly. He said: “My girlfriend and I have accepted the treatment from Dr. Fang for more than three years. Dr. Fang’s treatment bring my body to the best situation. Working in Hollywood has a great pressure, having the Chinese herbal medicine that Dr. Fan prepared? make me energetic and keep me away from illness and pains. I will always let Dr. Fang Shan take care of my health with his herbs and acupuncture. “

According to rough statistics, there have been more than 300 Western TV and Sports stars regained his health after Fangshan’s Chinese medicine treatment. Australian cricket champion Mike Beaven, who won the women’s golf world champion Frances Bandad, the famous Golf Champion in the ladies European Tour 2011, the Formula One racing driver Nathan and Olympic wrestling gold medalist, Germany’s Hamid.

Fang Shan was born in Chaozhou, Guangdong. Since he was 7-year-old,he studied Chinese medicine and kungfu following his grandfather. He was targeted at being the best doctor in the world. Fang Shan was satisfied by Fujian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and obtained a bachelor’s degree. He immigrated to Australia in the 1990s. Then he was admitted to the Department of herbal medicine, University of Sydney and received a master’s degree; after that he studied at the doctor dgree of Fujian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the meantime of working. The talent plus efforts, make Fangshan finally become a respectful TCM and Kungfu practitioners in China and Australia.

The effects of Fangshan’s treatment has caused the attention of Australian National Television “Australian Broadcasting Corporation”. The company specially make a news program in pharmaceutical anti-cancer and diabetes efficacy and interview Fangshan during the peeking time period, which make him became the first Australia Chinese in the history to accept the interview by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation(ABC Channel).

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