Gloria Bio-Collagen Plus 胶原蛋白宫廷回春丹(PROMOTION OF THIS MONTH 本月特价)

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Active Ingredient: 100% Australia purified collagen, aloe vera, lycium bararum fructus Ext, vitamin C and numerous anti-aging ingredients

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Gloria Bio-Collagen Plus(胶原蛋白宫廷回春丹)


This great anti-aging is based on imperial formula combined with collagen and vitamins processing by bio- own great effect to keep you looking younger, beauty and stronger and longer life!

Gloria Bio-Collagen Plus contains largeamounts of amino acetic acid which not only assists in the production of collagen and also calms the central nerve system and beneficial to anxiety and neurasthenia.gloria bio-collagen plus prevents the clotting of proteins as a result of stomach acids thus improving digestion system functioning, and stomach ulcer healing.gynaecological diseases are caused by hormonal imbalance,Gloria bio-collagen plus is beneficial for gynaecological diseases and provides sufficient collagen intake for women going through menopause and elevates menopause symptoms.

Gloria Bio-Collagen Plus reduces skin hyperpigmentation,improvesthe appearance of freckles and pigmentation, whitens the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines as a result of skin aging. The rate of loss of collagen increases with age, resulting in the collapse of collagen peptide bonds which support skin layer, therefore skin becomes dry, wrinkle prone and loses elasticity.The skin appears dull and damaged as a result of that. Therefore, Gloria Bio-Collagen Plus is prolonged aging essential for women.

Dosage: Adult take 1 capsule, twice daily.

It is suitable for male and female.

     Main Ingredients:
    Aloe vera leaf
    Lycium barbarum fruit Ext.
    Ascorbic acid

Effects on:
1,PROMOTE an improved immune system,regulate hormone, reduce the physical appearance of ageing & aid in prevention of osteoporosis.
2, BONE Growth, to release joint pain and relieve arthritis.
3, INCREASE the absorption of iron, calcium and folic acid, prevent high cholesterol. and coronary heart disease.
4, REDUCE and relieve anxiety and menopause symptoms.
5, IMPROVE digestion and balance sugar levels.
6, VISIBLY reduce wrinkles to appear younger and have a brighter complexion.


促进骨胶原的生物合成,利于组织创伤口的更快愈合, 促进胶原蛋白的合成,防止牙龈出血,促进牙齿和骨骼的生长,防止牙床出血,防止关节痛,腰腿痛。


Gloria collagen plus’s introduction and lab-report



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