Lab report and introduction of Gloria bio-collagen plus

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Certified by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)   Registeration number: AUST L:219204   Produced by GMP Pharmaceuticals

Active Ingredient: 100% Australia purified collagen, aloe vera, lycium bararum fructus Ext, vitamin C and numerous anti-aging ingredients

Collagen is a high in active biological molecules. It is the most abundant protein, accounting for over 30% of the total body protein. Collagen contains amino acids that the body needs to function including glycine, proline, hydroxyproline. Collagen is the most important extracellular matrix component. Aloe vera protects the skin layer with its anti-inflammatory, hydrating and pore minimising properties. Lycium bararum fructus works to regulate immune function and effectively inhibits tumour growth and cell mutation. It is also known to be effective for anti-aging as treatment for fatty liver and for blood sugar regulation. Vitamins are essential nutrients for primates and skin rejuvenation. They are good antioxidants which can prevent cancer, their anti-aging and skin whitening functions, prevent spots and freckles, and improve the skin’s UV resistance.

100% Australia collagen is the best quality, universally acknowledged as a biotechnologically purified ingredient. As proven by extensive research, collagen can decrease triglycerides and cholesterol levels, increase and maintain the essential trace element levels within normal range for optimal body function. Collagen is ideal for fat loss, lowering blood lipid level and preventing cardiovascular disease. Moreover, collagen helps the body to discharge aluminium particles and thus decreases aluminium accumulation. Aluminium is detrimental to body functioning. Research shows that an increasing incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in the modern population is related to aluminium intake. Furthermore, collagen accelerates the generation of both white and red blood cells, assists circulation and is beneficial to the prevention of coronary heart disease and ischemic encephalopathy.

Gloria Bio-Collagen Plus function

  1. Promotes collagen biosynthesis, which will help the wound to heal faster, prevents gum bleeding, promotes teeth and bone growth, prevents joint pain, back pain and leg pain.
  2. Promotes amino acid metabolism (tyrosine and tryptophan), lengthens life span of the body, increases the body’s resistance to radiation and strengthens immune system. Collagen is an essential antioxidant in the body. Therefore it helps to prevent cancer, activates molecular functioning, improves joint functioning and cures arthritis pain.
  3. Improves iron, calcium and folic acid absorption: improves lipid metabolism especially by lowering cholesterol, prevents coronary heart disease. Collagen features L-Hydroxyproline which assists the transportation of calcium from blood cells to bone cells. Collagen and hydroxyapatite are the main components of bone structure. Sufficient take in of collagen ensures optimum calcium uptake therefore Gloria Bio-Collagen Plus capsules increase calcium levels.
  4. Gynaecological diseases are caused by hormonal imbalance. Royal collagen rejuvenation capsules are beneficial for gynaecological diseases and provides sufficient collagen intake for women going through menopause as well as alleviating menopause symptoms.
  5. Royal collagen rejuvenation capsules contain large amounts of amino acetic acid which assists in the production of collagen, calms the central nervous system and is beneficial for anxiety and neurasthenia. Royal collagen rejuvenation pill prevents the clotting of proteins as a result of stomach acids thus improving digestion system functioning, and promoting stomach ulcer healing.
  6. Royal collagen rejuvenation capsules reduce skin hyperpigmentation, improve the appearance of freckles and pigmentation, whiten the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines as a result of skin aging. The rate of loss of collagen increases with age, resulting in the collapse of collagen peptide bonds which support the skin layer, the skin becomes dry, wrinkle prone and loses elasticity. And appears dull and damaged as a result. Therefore, Royal collagen rejuvenation pill is prevents aging and is essential for women.


What is the difference between Gloria Bio-collagen Plus compared to other collagen products?


The Gloria Bio-Collagen Plus formula originated from the original Chinese imperial anti-aging formula, which was used in the Royal Palace for thousands of years. It is a combination of 100% Australian purified collagen and vitamins. After the bio-technical process, it is three times more effective than normal collagen products. It maintains internal health health internally ( organs and immune system).


Lab-Research from Fujiang Medical University of China


Table 1: Gloria Bio-Collagen Plus Impact on Senile Rat’s Skin Hydration and Hydroxyproline (±s,n=10)

Groups PHydration% Hydroxyproline(μg/mg
Normal Group 73.20±5.74 5.61±0.36
Model Group 62.18±6.57** 4.47±0.52**
Gloria Collagen Plus 68.50±4.98 5.27±0.51△△

Ps. Compared the normal group to model group *P<0.05, **P<0.01; compared to the model group △P<0.05, △△P<0.01.


Table 2: Gloria Bio=Collagen Plus Impact on Skin Injury level (±s,n=10)

Groups 24h after burns 7d after used GCP 14d after used GCP
Normal Group 4.90±0.30 3.90±0.94 2.80±0.87
Gloria Bio-Collagen Plus 4.90±0.30 3.20±0.75 1.90±0.70*

Ps. Compared to the model group *P<0.05 **P<0.01


Table 3: Gloria Bio-Collagen Plus Impact on reducing the Area of burn skin (%)

Groups 7d after used GCP% 14d after used GCP%
Normal Group 31.34±6.43 66.77±15.19
Gloria Bio-Collagen Plus 37.76±17.86 80.85±8.30**

Ps. Compared to the model group *P<0.05 **P<0.01


Table 1 shows Gloria Bio-Collagen Plus has an impact on improving the rat skin’s proportions of hydration and hydroxyproline. Moreover, after the use of Gloria Collagen Plus, there is an improvement of the skin, leading it to grow younger and smoother, as well as the colour id brighter and there are fewer wrinkles.


According to table 2 and table 3, the lab-tests proved that Bio-Gloria Collagen Plus can repair the damaged skin rapidly, with a strong ability to replace damage cells with new cells. This implies that, the Gloria Collagen Plus not only can improve the surface of the skin, but also improves the internal cells too. This includes, ulcer healing, ligament injures and joint-pain, lung and heart muscles.

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