Lab report and introduction of Gloria Angel’s

Gloria Angel’s

Main Ingredients: ga1

Sheep Placenta Extract (100% Australia owned)

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract

Fructus Lyeii Extract

Ascorbic Acid


This supplement is a rich source of nutrients, growth factors and bio-active cytokines. It is based on the bio-essentials from which new life is developed. In Chinese Medicine records, for hundreds of years, placenta has been used in Chinese Medicine for its benefits in promoting general health and maintaining youthful skin. It is recommended for long term beauty and health maintenance. Gingko biloba leaf and Fructus Lyeii extract, according to old Chinese medicine records, have been used for anti-aging, to strengthen the body and to treat vascular disease.

All the ingredients are medically processed by Dr. Benny Fan and combined in the formula to give maximum medical effect. This formula is recommended for increasing libido for men and women, to help firm the breasts, and for better looking and younger skin.

Lab-Research from Fujian Medical University of China

Table 1 Gloria Angels Impact on Serum SOD Vitality( ±s,n=10)

Groups Dosemg/kg SOD Vitality U/mgprot
Normal Group 36.58±14.56
Model Group 21.30±10.19*
Gloria Angels 63.34 32.89±10.90

Ps. Compared the normal group to model group *P<0.05; compared to the model group △P<0.05.

Table 2 Gloria Angels Impact on Rat’s Spleen Index and Thymus Index( ±s,n=10)

Groups Dosemg/kg Spleen Index(mg/10g) Thymus Index(mg/10g)
Normal Group 21.17±6.24 11.09±4.43
Model Group 14.65±5.14* 7.01±2.17*
Gloria Angel’s 63.34 18.94±2.18 9.55±2.79

Ps. Compared the normal group to model group *P<0.05; compared to the model group △P<0.05.

Table 3 Gloria Angel Impacts on Aging Rat’s Skin Hydration and Hydroxyproline( ±s,n=10)

Groups P Hydration % Hydroxyproline(μg/mg
Normal Group 73.20±5.74 5.61±0.36
Model Group 62.18±6.57** 4.47±0.52**
Gloria Angel’s 70.33±5.07△△ 5.19±0.44

Ps. Compared the normal group to model group *P<0.05, **P<0.01; compared to the model group △P<0.05, △△P<0.01.

a1Model Group a2Gloria Angel’s

The Injured Molecular Cell Structure after 24h

a3Model Group a4Gloria Angel’s

14 days after used Gloria Angel’s

Table 4 Gloria Angels Impact on Aging Rat’s Renal Functions( ±s,n=10)

Groups BUNmmol/L CREμmol/L
Normal Group 4.65±1.60 36.93±11.67
Model Group 6.34±0.90* 68.37±11.25**
Gloria Angel’s 5.07±1.42 57.16±9.18

Ps. Compared the normal group to model group *P<0.05,**P<0.01; compared to the model group △P<0.05.


From table 1, the body cells are aged by oxidants. The superoxide dismutase serum vitality tends to decrease from the blood. Gloria Angels have impacted by improving the SOD vitality, through their anti oxidant action which rejuvenates and strengthens cells.The weakened immune system is caused by a weak spleen and thymus. According to the lab-test of table 2, it was found that, there was an improvement of the immune system, because both the rat’s spleen index and thymus index had increased by more than 15%. In other words, Gloria Angels’ is effective in enhancing the immune system.

Skin wrinkles and darkness are caused by the proportions of hydration and hydroxyproline. The laboratory shows that the proportions of hydration and hydroxyproline were improved by using Gloria Angels. This was in comparison to the model group. The skin grew younger and smoother, as well as being brighter colour and fewer wrinkles after using Gloria Angels.

Table 4 shows the renal functions measured by the ingredients of BUN and CRE from the blood. Comparing to the model group we can found, there is a 16% of improvement after used Gloria Angel’s. As The Chinese Bile had illustrated that, renal function is the most important factor effecting to the human being’s life expectancy, which means, people can longer their life by using Gloria Angel’s.

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